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Dr. Shelton Goode, DPA

New Research Shows BRGs Impact Increasing

By: Dr. Shelton Goode, DPA


Participation in Business Resource Groups (BRGs) is crucial to an organization’s diversity management strategy. When doing research for my book Diversity Managers: Angels of Mercy or Barbarians at the Gate, I found that companies with high employee BRG participation report higher overall job performance and engagement as well as enhanced results in recruiting, retaining, and developing employees – especially people of color and females.

Employee participation in BRGs is on the rise. According to my research, the percentage of employees who are members of at least one BRG in their company has grown from 11 percent in 2005 to 23 percent in 2015. Companies are reporting that their Business Resource Groups have demonstrated, in recent years, their impact on workforce diversity and community outreach with business results. Based on my survey of over 100 Chief Diversity Officers, there is a correlation between companies with high BRG participation and rates of promotion, as well as unbiased retention across demographic groups.

A crucial factor for success is employee participation. The percentage of employees who are members of resource groups for the companies included in my research, has been steadily rising over the years from 11 percent in 2005 to 21.9 percent in 2015.

What should organizations do if they have participation rates that are lower than the companies included in my research, or if they have inconsistent participation across units/geography of the organization?

Consider the following:

      • Expand the groups by adding chapters
      • Increase participation by using technology to hold virtual meetings
      • Conduct BRG Road Shows
      • Rotate the meetings and events to different locations
      • Conduct a BRG Expo
    • Hold a BRG Forum
    • Implement Virtual BRGs using Facebook, LinkedIn, and
      Run-My-Club etc.
    • Record and broadcast marquee events
    • Align BRG initiatives with long-term D&I strategy

When Champions Speak Up We Need to Listen

By: Dr. Shelton Goode, DPA


The exposure of widespread sexual harassment, sparked by the numerous women who have had the courageous to speak out. This crisis is shedding a bright light on the kinds of unacceptable sexual behavior women face every day, and many powerful men are feeling the heat.

This past week in Congress, we saw announcements from three lawmakers due to allegations – and in some cases, admissions – of sexual misconduct. Their behavior has left scars that may last for years. These same scars which point to damage, may hopefully result in healing. Hopefully this crisis can become a platform for change – perhaps more women in leadership positions, more decent men who will speak up on behalf these brave champions, more inclusion, and mutual respect.

I believe this crisis will serve as a platform by change because it has sparked conversation. We are now asking the tough questions as we walk a path through this crisis and challenge. Are we a people who put politics over integrity? We are better than this! We are voters, leaders, men, women, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, colleagues, people who care about treating each other with dignity and respect.

May this crisis serve as a platform for change and help us better understand who we are.

Winter in America: The Impact of the 2016 Presidential Election on Diversity in Companies, Communities, and the Country

By: Dr. Shelton Goode, DPA


It was never supposed happen! Donald Trump was never supposed to survive the Republican primaries. How Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election is the dramatic story of America’s efforts to become more diverse and inclusive gone off the rails. Forget the Comey revelation and other headlines! Winter in America provides a candid acknowledgment about the electorate. No explanation of 2016 presidential election results can begin with anything other than the core problem – the backlash against diversity in the country.

Through deep analysis and research, diversity expert Dr. Shelton J. Goode has reconstructed the key decisions and unseized opportunities, the undiscussable misfires and the unwritten decisions that resulted in the greatest upset in presidential election history.

Drawing on the Dr. Goode’s deep knowledge of social justice and the racial politics from his previous book, the acclaimed Crisis as a Platform for Social Change, Winter in America: The Impact of the 2016 Presidential Election on Diversity in Companies, Communities and the Country will offer an object lesson in how the country’s struggles with its growing diversity resulted in populist fury that manifested itself on both the Right and the Left.

Moving blow-by-blow from the presidential campaign’s divisive start through the bewildering result of election night, Winter in America tells an unforgettable story with urgent lessons both political and personal, filled with revelations that will change the way readers understand just what happened to America on November 8, 2016. And more important – what may lay ahead in the years to come.