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Center For Strategy, Innovation, and Results

A black guy works in a call center. He has headphones on which they talk with customers. He is an operator and he answers questions.

Dr. Shelton J. Goode, founder of the Center for Strategy, Innovation, and Results (formerly myABDNetwork, LLC) think tank, is a researcher, author, and expert on mega-trends as they apply to future work, employee engagement, and the workplace.

Goode has helps agile leaders learn what is coming and what to do about change management today. For over 10 years he has researched and studied the key organizational effectiveness trends that are shaping the future, and the agile leaders who will make it happen.

The Center for Strategy, Innovation, and Results partners with companies, nonprofits, government agencies, associations, and communities to better understand the impact of generations on the future.

Successively, the Center provides consulting support services to Icarus Consultants on mapping the 'desired' future state for organizations.  The Center helps organizations and communities plan for culture change by mapping employee engagement trends impacting tomorrow, how the diverse workforces and populations impact those trends, and what it means agile leaders should be doing today.

The Center uses a Future Map which provides insights on what is coming for an industry or community, shares the implications of trends, and presents opportunities ahead.

The Future Map is a proprietary look into our 'crystal ball' so that you can see the demographic and cultural trends impacting an organization, industry, or community. This graphic learning document helps our clients better understand the relevant issues and provides guidance on how to plan culture change accordingly.

Now, the Center for Strategy, Innovation, and Results can equip your agile leaders with the organizational effectiveness tools to become futurists themselves, by incorporating our data-driven insights via keynote speeches, workshops, and training events.

“Dr. Goode’s ability to hone his message to match his audience is indicative of his preparation time. This is the second time I have heard him speak and both presentations, though on the same topic, were very different. Dr. Goode is a consummate professional who truly resonates with his audience – our membership giving him several rounds of spontaneous applause and a standing ovation. His follow up small group workshop was standing room only. Very impressive!”


C.S.I. in action.