Danielle Gruppo

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Danielle Gruppo is the chief executive officer and founder of InternAlliance - a consulting firm and social recruiting platform bridging the gap between education and employment for student interns and campus brand ambassadors while strengthening the workforce pipeline for top employers.

Ms. Gruppo is an accomplished human resources executive with over 25 years of experience developing and executing talent management and human capital strategies for Fortune 250 and privately held companies in energy, healthcare, services, and manufacturing. Adept at leading comprehensive organizational design, long-term recruiting and retention strategies, workforce development, global diversity/inclusion strategy and creating human resources frameworks in support of companies’ overall goals and values.

Ms. Gruppo is a results-oriented achiever with a proven track record of building programs that foster a corporate culture of employee engagement, inclusion, and compliance by employing keen business acumen and demonstrating key expertise. Gruppo, author of Recruiter Secrets: What recruiters want you to know but don’t tell you, is a sought-after speaker who provides insights and practical tools for increasing job search success.