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A resource on diversity and inclusion highlighting education, experience, and best practices for elevating your leadership, your business, and your teams. 

Dr. Shelton Goode, DPA

CEO, "Top 10 Forbes D&I Trailblazer",

Author, Speaker, HR Savant, D&I Expert

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Unpacking Diversity Management

Shelton breaks down diversity and inclusion in the workplace including perspectives on best practices and challenges.

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The Subtle Impact of Exclusion: Overcoming Unconscious Bias

March 15, 2020

Recent diversity efforts are helping organizations overcome more overt forms of bias. But there are many subtler acts of exclusion (unconscious or implicit bias) that can create equally real risks.

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You Tube Videos

CPS Energy Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Panel

- October 13, 2020

Dr. Shelton Goode, Paula Gold-Williams, and Dr. Norma Ramirez Montague discuss Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with St. Mary's University Greehey School of Business

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Perspective on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

Dr. Shelton Goode joins an elite panel to discuss how to reframe diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to address social justice issues facing communities and the country.

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Reframing DEI to Address Social Justice

Dr. Shelton Goode, CEO of Icarus Consulting discussed how diversity, equity, and inclusion needs to be reframed to address social justice issues. Panel discussion took place in September 2020.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters COVID-19 Implications For Communities of Color

Dr. Shelton J. Goode, Forbes D&I Trailblazer, sits down with Dr. Shirley Davis to discuss the BLM and its impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion in companies, communities, and the country.

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Shattering Black Male Stereotype Interviews

President of Icarus Consulting which is a veteran-owned consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations create inclusive cultures that leverage diversity and inclusion for a competitive advantage.

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Conversation with Courageous CEO

Dr. Shelton Goode, president, and CEO of Icarus Consulting sits down with a one-on-one conversation with John O'Neil, CEO of Cushman Wakefield. They discuss how to build a diverse workforce and how to sustain an inclusive workplace.

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Icarus Consulting Business Launch

Video introduces Icarus Consulting a veteran owned firm specializing in helping companies buiil diverse work team and sustain inclusive workplaces. At Icarus we believe everyone was meant to fly. Let's defy gravity!

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Interview with Dr Kym Harris

Dr. Shelton Goode and Dr. Kym Harris discuss Emotional Intelligence and Dr. Harris's book on the topic. The discussion took place at the Buckhead City Club in Atlanta in March 2018.

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SOAHR 2018 SHRM-Atlanta HR Conference

Keynote address of Dr. Shelton Goode at SOAHR 2018, SHRM-Atlanta HR Conference.

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"Icarus Consulting provided the best inclusive leadership development training for managers that I have participated in my +20 year career. Our managers leveraged the skills to lead their diverse work teams and maintain an inclusive workplace for members on their team."

Pam Iorio, President and CEO

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, Position, Company

Webinars and Webcasts

Reframing Diversity Efforts to Include Social Justice

Dr. Shelton J. Goode, CEO, and president of Icarus Consulting participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Atlanta Chapter of the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR). The panel discussion focused on how organizations can fold social justice into their diversity and inclusion strategy.

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Why Leaders Are So Critical in Stopping Abusive Behavior

The Conference Board Executive Vice President Rebecca Ray and ELI President and CEO Stephen Paskoff will be joined by Executive Director, Diversity and Inclusion for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority Dr. Shelton Goode and Retired Chairman, President and CEO of Southern Company David Ratcliffe to discuss actions industry leaders are taking to build professional, inclusive, “speak-up” cultures and prevent cultural failures from leading to abuses of power, harassment, other misconduct, and organizational crisis.

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Winter in America: The Impact of the 2016 Presidential Election on Diversity in Companies, Communities and the Country

It was never supposed to happen! Donald Trump was never supposed to survive the Republican primaries. How Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election is the dramatic story of how America’s efforts to become more diverse and inclusive has gone off the rails.

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Champions Never Tell

Champions Never Tell aims to give women the power to control their work, life, and other circumstances. This book offers insight on self-care and alternate courses of action to save themselves while waiting for their leaders, organizations, or HR to assist them. It’s not intended to discredit an organization, male bash, name call, or portray women as victims.

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Diversity Managers: Angels of Mercy or Barbarians at the Gate

Why do some diversity strategies contribute to organizational success while other strategies fail to launch?

The answer, according to author Dr. Shelton J. Goode, is that successful diversity managers can implement diversity initiatives that produce results! Diversity Managers: Angels of Mercy or Barbarians at the Gate is valuable for a wide audience because it provides diversity practitioners and business leaders alike with a Diversity GPS. This will help them identify and locate strengths and weaknesses in their diversity strategy.

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So You Think You Can Teach: A Guide for New College Professors on How to Teach Adult Learners

Why do some professors always receive positive evaluations from students while other instructors struggle from class to class?

The answer, according to author Dr. Shelton J. Goode, is that successful professors can create a dynamic learning environment for all their students, regardless of age or level of knowledge.

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Crisis as a Platform for Social Change from Strawberry Mansion to Silicon Valley

If you could read only one book about diversity, this is it! Dr. Shelton Goode answers a collective hunger for a new direction, fresh solutions to old problems, and a different kind of conversation—straight talk with no chaser—to a new generation.

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"Icarus Consulting understands how important it is to empower all members of the organization to drive positive organizational change in today’s rapidly changing business landscape."

Damon Elmore,

Muncie Power Products, Inc.

Sr. Executive Director

People Strategy and General Counsel

Recent Articles

Forbes Named Goode Ten Most DEI Leaders to Become Familiar With


Research indicates that employees and consumers alike are craving more socially responsible companies, and organizations have taken notice. More and more companies are taking a vested interest in fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for employees. 

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Equity Resource Teams: A Project-Based Approach to Fostering a Climate of Inclusion

Insight to Diversity

Chief diversity officers (CDOs} play a vital role in fostering environments of diversity, equity, and inclusion on college and university campuses. As lead strategists, they are responsible for implementing a number of initiatives to promote effective organizational and cultural change. 

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DIVERSITY: We're Better Than This - Dr. Shelton J. Goode

FELLAS Men's Lifestyle Magazine

The ongoing contemporary debate on racial disparities, hostilities, and cultural tensions are having a profound business. community, and social impact. These developments span race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, and health care.

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Predictors of African American Representation in Municipal Government

SAGE Journals

This article presents the results of a path analysis that investigates the explanatory power of five new predictors of African American representation in city government against eight traditional predictors of representation in municipal government.

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Are Employee Resource Groups Good for Business?


As we all know, the demographic profile of the United States is shifting rapidly, with minorities expected to reach majority status by 2044 due, in part, to the projected growth of Asian, Hispanic and multiracial populations, according to the Census Bureau.

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NAAAHR’S NATIONAL CONFERENCEExecuting the Power of HR Practices Across Industries

Black Enterprise

This year’s theme will be ‘Executing the Power of HR Practices Across Industries.’ Senior level HR executives and their teams are prepared to discuss: emerging trends, issues and advancements that impact global people strategies and innovative HR solutions. The conference will include experts from Private Sector, Healthcare, Education, Government and Non-profit organization from across the nation.

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The 411 on Employee Resource Groups


Employee Resource Groups have proven to be an effective driver of key business results.

As defined by MIT Human Resources, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led groups formed around common interests, issues and/or a common bond or background. These groups were initially created by organizations to provide an outlet and support system for minority and underrepresented populations in the workforce.

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OPENING FOR BUSINESS: Finding New Ways to Serve Employees, Customers and Communities 

American Diversity Resort

Over the past few weeks, we have been exploring the effects of the coronavirus on organizations and ways to mitigate the cultural and economic damage they face.

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Meet Dr. Goode of ICARUS Consulting

Voyage ATL

I am currently the president and chief executive officer of Icarus Consulting. We are a veteran-owned consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations create diverse and inclusive cultures and helping them that leverage their diversity for competitive advantage.

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Technology, Diversity, and The Impact on The African American Workforce


How automation affects the US workforce is largely a question of which jobs and activities can be most easily automated. At a macro level, change will take time to occur. It’s not likely that a million truck drivers will be thrown out of work in the next few years, because the technologies to automate these roles have not matured, nor have companies developed business cases to use them. 

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Madison's Top African American Leaders 

Madison 365 Magazine

Last year at Madison365, a nonprofit online magazine, we published our first Black Power list, naming 28 of the most influential African-Americans in


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Goode Named Diversity Leaders To Follow On Twitter


As we prepare for 2017, we at Raines International wanted to recommend top leaders in diversity you should follow to stay abreast of the latest in diversity in business.

These leaders tweet about diversity conferences and news. We, of course, recommend you follow... 

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WORKPLACE DIVERSITY a blessing to be embraced?

Acknowledging, understanding, accepting, and valuing differences among people with respect to age, class, ethnicity, gender, physical and mental ability, race, sexual orientation, and spiritual practice

- Dr. Shelton J. Goode

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Icarus Consulting Partners with WCLK Radio

Jan 6, 2020

Icarus Consulting has announced starting in January it will support programming on Atlanta's Jazz Station 91.9 WCLK as a proud WCLK Business Member.

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Dr. Shelton Goode named to Forbes' list of Top Diversity Trailblazers

Nov 2, 2019

Forbes has named Dr. Shelton J. Goode to its list of “10 Diversity and Inclusion Trailblazers You Need to Get Familiar With,” which highlights ten professionals who have acted as changemakers in producing diverse and inclusive environments.

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Dr. Shelton Goode named as one of Wisconsin's Most Influential Blacks

 Jan 5, 2017

Last year, Madison365 published its first Black Power list, naming 28 of the most influential African Americans in Wisconsin. I intended this list to highlight the beauty of the diversity in our community. 

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A resource on diversity and inclusion highlighting education, experience, and best practices for elevating your leadership, your business, and your teams.