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Icarus Consulting LLC proudly considers itself as a team of transformers in a working environment. We like taking on challenges and solving problems—and we’re good at it. We help our clients “defy gravity.” Our firm talks to people and gets the data and feedback that matter. We help you understand what these insights mean for your company or community and develop a plan, resulting in transformational change that is sustainable.

Our small team of consultants intentionally includes not only former chief diversity officers but researchers and strategists as well. We continuously work to boost productivity and boast nearly 5 decades of total experience in utility, energy, transportation, higher education, manufacturing, healthcare, and government work.

For our clients, we’ve delivered culture scans, business resource groups/employee resource groups (BRG/ERG) positioning, D&I scorecards, talent visioning, supplier diversity outreach, D&I communications, and D&I training. And we’re always eager to learn more to get the job done for our clients; we tailor a project to meet your needs.

If you have a big problem—or a big dream—chances are, our team of versatile and agile experts can help. We’ve worked hand in hand with organizations at the local, regional, and national levels. Check out our accomplishments in the case studies below.

Case Study: 

William Grant & Sons

Challenge: William Grant & Sons (WGS) saw that times were changing in 2017 and that its future revenues and operations were on the line. Younger generations will increasingly spend less on WGS legacy brands — if they drank any WGS brands at all. WGS understood you could lead a Millennial to water but you can’t make them drink — pun intended. Smartly, WGS engaged Icarus Consulting to help them prepare for these inevitable challenges, learning how and where to appeal to millennial customers and how to generate critical revenue for the business.

Action: Icarus Consulting conducted customized, in-depth research among WGS younger customers. We combined our findings with trends research from Icarus Center for Strategy, Innovation, and Results to thoughtfully facilitate the WG&S senior management team in its development of a long-term strategic D&I marketing and 
sales plan.

Results: WGS leaders now have a research- and trends-inspired road map to the future. The plan intends to help the WGS remain relevant in the Spirits Industry for decades

to come.

Case Study: 

Wisconsin Work Force 

Development Association

Challenge: Wisconsin’s Office of Workforce Development recognized that being more efficient and productive isn’t just a challenge for today — it’s also a challenge for tomorrow. In 2017, the office sought a way to inform, inspire, and empower its agencies across the state to prepare for major change in the coming years.

Action: Icarus Consulting was invited to present before the Workforce Development Agency, agency heads while they attended the organization’s annual conference. Included were leaders from every department. We shared insights with them on the trends that are expected to shape the public’s relationship with the agency for years

to come.

Results: The agency’s chief of staff called us the next week saying, “Dr. Goode’s presentation was one of the best, most-effective ones I’ve ever seen.” We were then hired by numerous department heads throughout the year to deliver more department-specific strategies tailored to the needs and interests of the customers

they served.

As a result, Workforce Development Agency leaders and staff have a greater understanding of the shifting needs and preferences of their customers and communities. This knowledge helped them capitalize on the ideas and channels that enabled to meet people where they are today — and they want to go in the future. 

Case Study: 

Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI)

Challenge: Milwaukee Center For Independence (MCFI) engaged Icarus Consulting in late 2016 to provide generational training to all 2,000 employees. With a workforce including ages 18 to 72, MCFI had five distinct generations interacting daily in one workplace.

Action: Icarus developed and deployed a comprehensive train-the-trainer program for MCFI. Built on similar training Icarus had conducted previously with Secura Insurance. Theda Health Care, and others. The approach included a pre-session 'Gen Q' assessment to measure participants’ generational aptitude, as well as materials and training for in-house trainers, onsite in-person training, and access to online videos and other course materials for all participants.

Results: Less than a year later, the generational training program was up and running, and MCFI planned for all employees to complete it over the next few years. Icarus remains actively engaged in providing updates and additional materials as needed.

Case Study: 

Two Sigma Investments

Challenge: Two Sigma Investments engaged Icarus Consulting in late 2018 to provide leadership development training for its Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). With a workforce ages 18 to 72, MCFI had five distinct generations interacting daily in one workplace.

Action: Icarus developed and deployed an ERG Leadership Academy for Two Sigma Investments. Built on similar training Icarus had conducted for MailChimp, Anthem, and others; the 8-hour workshop focused on best practices and tools that helped ERG leaders develop skills that would enhance business plans, increase meeting effectiveness, and improve communication.

Results: Participants emerged with enhanced leadership skills that enabled them to better align efforts with business plans and achieve measurable results. Icarus remains actively engaged in providing updates and additional materials as needed.

Case Study: 

Transit Authority of River City

Challenge: In 2018, the multimodal transit system in Louisville, Kentucky, was all too often viewed as just a public bus system that served only the limited population — exclusively within city limits.

Action: Through, Icarus helped reposition Transit Authority of River City (TARC) into a highly valued part of the whole region’s long-term economic development. We designed and conducted multiple in-person and online surveys across key audiences — business leaders, public officials, and current and prospective riders.

The research aimed to better understand how stakeholders felt about TARC, its services, and improvement ideas. Icarus then performed our sophisticated analysis to uncover and package both high-level and detailed findings. The data identified key audience demographics — resident satisfaction levels broken down by demographic, motivators of, and barriers to using GARTC and more. As the final phase, we used the quantitative data to inform a long-term, community-wide outreach and communications plan.

Results: Icarus Consulting is now helping Transit Authority of River City (TARC) share this strategic transit plan with its various stakeholders, advance it with the public, and roll it out across the broad region it serves — with measurable success.

In particular, a series of highly adaptable, Icarus produced ‘Did You Know?’ messaging has been particularly effective in spreading the word about the many data-backed benefits of riding TARC.

Icarus Consulting ’s research and support are designed specifically to ensure that the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) becomes a national model in successfully driving transit forward, and to assure and maintain Albany’s place as one of the best cities where everyone can live, work, and play.