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Join us as Dr. Shelton Goode, President  & CEO of ICARUS Consulting shares the unique journey and vision that is ICARUS Consulting. 

A Team of Transformers


Our Superheroes

Our partners can run their own consulting firms. In fact,
most of them did.

Meet the talent behind Icarus Consulting LLC. We are a team of thought-leaders that includes researchers, change agents, D&I gurus, and futurists who thrive in a culture of doing.

We all have our accolades, but we embrace the Icarus Consulting LLC approach of getting things done. We collaborate on the big and small stuff. Do you need help in finalizing that report or creating effective strategies? Everyone pitches in.

Meet The Team

Marilyn S. Abney

Marilyn Abney is SVP of Operations and president and principal consultant. In her role, Abney is responsible for business development and project management. She also oversees clients’ needs fulfillment for the company, focusing on conducting organizational assessments, planning, facilitating multiday career and leadership development workshops, and designing curricula. As the principal consultant, Abney facilitates many management skills, technology, and diversity and inclusion sessions.

More About Marilyn

Kali Alford

Kali is an expert facilitator, instructional designer, and life-long learner & educator. With 12 years of experience he has designed learning workshops for school districts across the country and developed professional learning events in partnership with companies such as Microsoft and Verizon.

More About Kali

Kacey Baker

A values-driven leader adept at improving organizational culture through implementing cutting edge practices and emerging trends focused on cultivating an equitable work culture, building community, and developing high performing employees and teams. Kacey has earned a reputation as a master facilitator with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Human Resource industry.

More About Kacey

Marcus Borders

Marcus Borders experienced educator and Instructional Technology Specialist who thrives as a customer-focused technology consultant. Currently, Marcus is an expert in coaching supporting leaders with innovative best practices and transformative learning experiences. He is also a subject matter expert in digital equity and accessibility in urban communities. As a current doctoral student of instructional technology, Marcus' research interests include assessing strategies that bring innovative technology coaching support to organizations.

More About Marcus

Dave Ciliberto

Dave is one of the country’s leading Inclusion, Diversity & Equity consultants. He is an expert facilitator, trainer, coach & leadership development professional with deep experience in several industries and sectors.

Dave has been an expert at providing strategic consulting, coaching, and training services around Inclusion, Diversity, and Engagement for the past fifteen + years. With more than 27 years of Human Resources experience, he specializes in Diversity Equity & Inclusion, developing integrated strategies, collaborating with Executive Councils, Employee Resource Group leaders, focus group facilitation, data analysis, and related training.

More About Dave

Charles Gibson III

Charles Gibson is a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) professional with 15 years of experience devising DEI solutions centered on strategic planning, teaching practices, and leadership capacity building.

Charles has professional experience across multiple sectors. Most recently, Charles was responsible for onboarding a research center focused on evidence-based, inclusive integration of research, teaching, and learning at Penn State. Prior experience includes DEI grant writing, benchmarking, program development, and other initiatives.

More About Charles

Tracy Gray

Tracy has more than 25 years of extensive experience in workforce planning and strategy. He has developed a national reputation for providing tangible solutions to improve diverse talent acquisition and retention. Our clients have been delighted by his ability to facilitate training, design strategies, and guide change management initiatives.

More About Tracy

Cherryl M. Harris

Cherryl M. Harris is responsible for business development, project management, client relations, and strategic planning to position the company for continual business growth.

Cherryl’s career experience spans multiple industries and sectors including Fortune 200 corporations, utility, real estate, cable television, banking, non-profit operations, union and non-union environments; with expertise in areas including leadership development, employee engagement, curriculum development, consulting, training, facilitation, budgeting and administration.

More About Cherryl

Pollie Massey

Pollie Massey is the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion senior consultant that delivers! She’s sought after as a cultural architect for leaders and organizational development professionals across global industries, including healthcare, utilities, medical, legal, aviation, hospitality, automobile, technology, and education. She has facilitated workplace fairness, diversity, inclusive leadership, change management, generational synergy, and gender initiatives for government, academic and corporate organizations. 

More About Pollie

Joyce Aiko McCulloch

Joyce is one of the country’s leading experts on strategy, leadership, and corporate culture transformation. She uses her deep Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and comprehensive human resources (HR) expertise to develop intentionally inclusive leaders and create highly engaged workforces. Joyce’s journey to DEI began long before the practice area was widely recognized. Early in her career as an HR professional with Hilton Hotels, DEI was simply a part of daily life. Outreach to diverse populations resulted in recruiting top talent. Inclusive

practices brought out the best from teams to delight guests and inspired them to return.

More About Joyce

Robelyn McNair

Robelyn McNair is the Human Resources Practice Leader and senior consultant. She has more than 25 years in senior and executive human resources leadership roles. She has held a senior professional certification in human resources since 2001 and has both practical and strategic experience in all disciplines of the human resources function.

Robelyn McNair has dedicated more than 25 years to serving in senior and executive human resources leadership roles. She has held a senior professional certification in human resources since 2001 and has both practical and strategic experience in all disciplines of the human resources function.

More About Robelyn

Melanie Miller

Melanie is a senior consultant who is a highly accomplished and sought-after expert and speaker offering organizations consulting and training services, keynotes, and design with a focus on optimizing organizational effectiveness. Having conducted hundreds of workshops and speaking engagements, Melanie consistently receives excellent reviews and outstanding evaluations.

More About Melanie

Alison Oxman

Vice President of Operations / Principal Consultant

Alison Oxman is the vice president of operations and is responsible for integrating project processes and coordinating the different phases through the project management cycle. She also ensures that all project areas come together to deliver the project to a successful conclusion. The entire Icarus teams rely on Alison to develop project management plans, ensure the project plan is consistent and coherent, and monitor the project plan's implementation, including providing all consultants and client stakeholders involved to perform all planned activities.

More About Alison

Renzie Richardson

Renzie Richardson is the Chief Compliance Officer and a principal consultant. She is also an author, trainer, and certified business coach. She has over 25 years as an HR professional in various HR leadership roles. Renzie is a certified Prosci ADKAR practitioner and has an extensive background in helping organizations to manage friction that inhibits growth and success successfully. Renzie is also an executive and a certified WABC/RCC business coach. She helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs to grow their business with certifications and her MYB Eight-Step Signature Coaching Program.

More About Renzie

Dr. Courtney Teague

Dr. Courtney Teague is Chief Learning and Technology Officer and principal consultant.

She has over 15 years of experience in passionately helping organizations, learning teams, and training professionals successfully transform learning into equitable experiences. She has participated in over 100 industry conferences as a speaker, expert panelist, and workshop trainer. She advises learning and development leaders in areas like virtual learning strategy, technology selection, logistics, and more.

More About Courtney

Jeff Thrutchley

Jeff Thrutchley has held a variety of leadership positions ranging from General Manager; Sales Manager; Director of Human Resources; Director of Benefits, Safety and Risk Management; and Director of Training throughout the US and Internationally with industry-leading companies like John H Harland and ADT Security Services / Tyco.

More About Jeff

Tracy Y Washington

Tracy Washington is a consultant whose expertise is Leadership Engagement, Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. She is the author of “The Relationship Leadership Philosophy” and Leadership Development Programs including, “Bottom Line Behavior” and “You Be More Confident Executive Coaching for Women.” She is known for helping leaders and organizations to engage and build strong team relationships and improve emotional intelligence competencies to navigate the seamless transition to new and greater challenges for the future.

More About Tracy

Tim White

Tim White is a principal consultant. He is an accomplished diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) executive with more than 20 years of experience He has worked with organizations committed to leveraging diversity in the areas of workforce, workplace, and marketplace. Tim is an expert in multiple areas: business consulting, training, and career management services. His work spans industries from public service organizations at the federal, state, and local levels, to insurance, telecommunications, gaming, financial services, investment banking, construction, consumer products, business process outsourcing (BPO), food service, faith-based organizations, automotive manufacturing, consumer electronics, entertainment, hospitality, and private non-profit organizations.

More About Tim

Bradley Wilkinson

Bradley Wilkinson is a consultant, and skilled speaker, facilitator and instructional designer, Brad gets his energy from people development. He describes his focus as helping organizations leverage diversity through creating and maintaining inclusive, high-performance cultures. And he brings over 25 years of hands-on experience designing and delivering high impact adult learning experiences.

More About Bradley

Shaun Wilson

Shaun has more than 25 years of combined experience in business, technology, and education with learning the alignment of technology implementations with organizational initiatives. Shaun has also served as a global professional development specialist for over 15 years.

Shaun holds a Master of Science in Human Resource Development with a concentration in Educational Leadership. She has career experiences as a researcher, entrepreneur, management consultant, project manager, middle school teacher and principal.

More About Shaun

O. Tameka Wren

O. Tameka Wren is vision-driven, goal-focused leader with a proven history of innovation and achievement that has established a reputation as a transformational leader who is driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to furthering standards of excellence utilizing qualitative and quantitative data to make informed recommendations and decisions. Leading with empathy coupled with business acumen, I am a trusted advisor to the senior leaders and business owners that I support.

More About Tameka

Stephanie Vander Zanden

Stephanie Vander Zanden is a senior consultant who has earned the reputation for being a resilient, compassionate and driven global business leader./ She has built and integrated Global Diversity and Inclusion at a Forbes 100 company from the ground up. As a professional with a growth mindset, she demands excellence from herself in everything she does, which has led to extraordinary outcomes in the many roles she has held over the past 23 years.

More About Stephanie

Our Approach

We are a veteran-owned consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations create inclusive cultures that leverage diversity and inclusion for a competitive advantage. We accomplish this by developing strategies that enable our clients to attract, develop, and retain highly skilled talents from an emerging, diverse workforce. At the same time, we help our clients enhance the engagement, knowledge, and skills of current employees.

We Are Family 

As a certified minority and veteran-owned HR and Diversity consulting firm, Icarus Consulting understands how important it is to empower all members of the organization to drive positive organizational change in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. We’re based in Atlanta, but we have the global capability. This is achieved by partnering with an exceptional network of HR, talent management, diversity and inclusion, and business experts to deliver exceptional service around the corner and across the globe.

We Defy Gravity

We are a veteran-owned consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations leverage diversity and inclusion for a competitive advantage. We accomplish this by developing strategies that enable our clients to attract, develop, and retain highly skilled talents from an emerging, diverse workforce. At the same time, we help our clients enhance the engagement, knowledge, and skills of current employees.

Our Value

Icarus Consulting LLC helps clients drive positive changes in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. We customize solutions to resolve our clients’ toughest challenges that relate to:

  • Developing and Delivering Training on Unconscious Bias
  • Establishing D&I Councils
  • Leveraging Our Proprietary BRG Leadership Academy℠ to Transform Resource Groups
  • Launching Executive Learning Programs
  • Implementing Mentoring Programs
  • Coaching Senior Executives, Emerging Leaders, or High-Potential Employees

Icarus Consulting LLC works with organizations to design and implement strategies that result in healthy cultures—often in the context of rapidly changing market and industry conditions. Our team is comprised of seasoned consultants with extensive operating experience in both the public and the private sectors. 

Our firm serves clients across multiple industries, including:

          • Energy

          • Manufacturing
          • Consumer Products
          • Financial Services
          • Healthcare
          • Higher Education
          • Insurance
          • Life Sciences
          • Logistics
          • Public Health
          • Retail
          • Technology

At Icarus Consulting LLC, we believe that everybody can fly! Let us help you defy gravity.

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