When Champions Speak Up We Need to Listen


Dr. Shelton Goode, DPA

The exposure of widespread sexual harassment, sparked by the numerous women who have had the courageous to speak out. This crisis is shedding a bright light on the kinds of unacceptable sexual behavior women face every day, and many powerful men are feeling the heat.

This past week in Congress, we saw announcements from three lawmakers due to allegations – and in some cases, admissions – of sexual misconduct. Their behavior has left scars that may last for years. These same scars which point to damage, may hopefully result in healing.  Hopefully this crisis can become a platform for change – perhaps more women in leadership positions, more decent men who will speak up on behalf these brave champions, more inclusion, and mutual respect.

I believe this crisis will serve as a platform by change because it has sparked conversation. We are now asking the tough questions as we walk a path through this crisis and challenge. Are we a people who put politics over integrity? We are better than this! We are voters, leaders, men, women, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, colleagues, people who care about treating each other with dignity and respect.

May this crisis serve as a platform for change and help us better understand who we are.