We Only Present Customized Content

All of our presentations are customized to equip agile leaders with what they need to know today to win tomorrow. We explain key trends impacting your organization's future, and the people shaping it today.

Each workshop is designed for the audience and event. We take what we know, add what we learn from you, and then conduct our own background research on your organization, industry, or region. This strategic approach enables us to focus our presentation on the major trends impacting your future and the actions agile leaders need to take today.

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Here are some our Popular Topics

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  • Inclusion 2020: Global Trends that will Redefine Work, Workers and the Workplace
  • Breaking Bias: Moving from Awareness to Action
  • Diversity Strategies that Yield Results: What works and What Doesn't
  • Increasing Organizational Trust by Reducing Individual Bias
  • Five Trends Shaping the Future of Work for African Americans in Corporate America
  • Coaching Leaders on How to Conduct Crucial Conversations
  • Bias in the Workplace: Moving Beyond Awareness to Action
  • Agility: The Power Behind Inclusion

Keynote address of Dr. Shelton J. Goode at SOAHR 2018, SHRM-Atlanta HR Conference.